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Screendance Booth at Dance BARN shows 63° 24’ 10” N 19° 6’ 49” W

63° 24’ 10” N 19° 6’ 49” W has been invited by artist and curator Cara Hagan to be part of the screening of films at her Screendance Booth, during the Dance BARN Festival, Battle Lake, MN, USA, July, 23-29, 2018.

The work is shown among screendances from artists: Michael Sakamoto, Nicola Balhuizen Hepp, Ayumi Hori Shafer, Kelly Hargraves, Kira Davies, Yolanda M Guadarrama, Bat-Sheva Guez, Britt Whitmoyer, Fishel Ferolyn Angell, Mineko Kanani.

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