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Latent Spaces Malta is a touring installation of site-specific works by Ana Baer Carrillo, Heike Salzer and artistic collaborators. This exhibit features screendance, photography, textile and sound art featuring a poetic indication of place.

In this particular iteration of the tour, the collection stands as an immersive experience of locations that offer a sensorial contrast to that of the Maltese Islands.

The films engage the gaze in a synaesthesia where the colours and atmospheric textures of each unique geography may take visitors to sense the perfume of wild Icelandic flowers, spices of a Mexican market, the smell of rain over the city of London.

The latest addition to the exhibit is the new work entitled ‘HinterTerra’ which was produced in Malta with a cast of three dancers from Malta and from abroad. Dancing and filming in Malta inspired the artists to explore the liminal space between urban and natural places. The resulting films invite the local spectator to relate to their everyday environment from a caring rethinking of the surroundings.

By presenting screendance within the format of a gallery installation, Baer and Salzer position the artform into an expanded dimension as they composed a screening experience that creates a place in itself.

- Dr Paula Guzzanti 

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