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Latent Spaces 


Latent Spaces is the touring gallery exhibition of site-specific screendance works by Ana Baer Carrillo, Heike Salzer and artistic collaborators.

"Site-specific screendance couples two contemporary dance forms: site-specific dance—a choreographic process wherein movement is generated in response to a specific site—and screendance, a hybridization of cinematography and choreography wherein the relationship between the dancer and the filmmaker constitute an improvisational duet.

In Espacios Latentes/Latent Spaces, the artists push this medium further, exploring the relationship between sites of origin and their range of re-presentations, whether on a screen, a stage, in an art gallery, or elsewhere". - Margo Handwerker-TXST Gallery Director

Latent Spaces Reframed - Habana Cuba  (click link for more info)

Sala de la Diversidad in La Havana, Cuba

21 April to 20 May, 2023

This exhibit features screendance, photography, and sound art.

Latent Spaces Reframed - Malta (click link for more info)

Spazju Kreattiv, Malta's Centre for Creativity, Valletta, Malta

10 December 2022 - 15 January 2023

The exhibit features screendance, photography, textile and sound art.

The collection brings together new and existing works, premiering HinterTerra developed in Malta in 2022.


Espacios Latentes Replanteados - Latent Spaces Reframed (Mexico)  (click link for more info)


MACZ - Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Alfredo Zalce, Morelia, Mexico

Sunday 30th June -  2019 

Encuentro Internacional de Artes Escénicas / International Congress of Performing Arts - Alternativas para la Enseñanza y la Creacipon en el Ambiente Universitario - alternatives for teaching and creation in the University environment and the review of the exhibition opening.


Espacios latentes - Latent Spaces (Brazil)  (click link for more info)

University of Campinas, 

20 May --30 May 2019

WECreate ICE, Wilderness and WECreate Spaces 

in the framework of the Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema

Installed by Ana Baer


Espacios latentes-Latent Spaces (United States)  (click link for more info)

October 24-November 16, 2018

WECreate ICE and Wilderness invited as part of Espacios latentes-Latent Spaces

Solo Exhibition by Ana Baer

Texas State Galleries, San Marcos, TX,United States.

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