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WECreate Spaces - Morelia



In WECreate Spaces the artists explore the urban landscapes of Morelia, Mexico. A city that exemplifies the dichotomy found in colonial places featuring the eclectic richness of their architecture and the dilapidated parts of the town. Tuning into the environment through site-specific improvisation, the dancers, camera-person and musician create a collaborative knowledge that illuminates their multi-layered sensibility of understanding the world through the body. Highlightingthe artist’s relations to environment, artist to artist and artist to locals. The serendipitous encounters with the passers-by add a flavour that transforms the usual into extraordinary, portraying the atmosphere of this vibrant place.


Filmed in Morelia, Michoacán Mexico, 2019.

Directors: Ana Baer & Heike Salzer 

Choreography & Dance: Rocio Luna, Heike Salzer 

Camera: Ana Baer

Editing: Ana Baer

Costume design: Robert Burton 

Original music: Christian Alexander Cruz Lineros 

Production: WECreate Productions

Length: 4:30 Min

Dimensions: 1920 × 1080i

Production images on location - June 2019 Morelia, Mexico

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