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THULE - Beyond the borders of the known world

Premiere May 8, 2019

Captured during an excursion through one of the last untouched nature environments of Europe, Thule- Beyond the border of the known world presents mystery and precariousness as well as the reminiscence of past generations. This multisensory journey explores the embodied accounts of a Nordic environment by a dancer and camera in movement. The triadic relationship between dance, camera and landscapes are shared with the audience in the form of kinesthetic poetry and visual/aural metaphors of lived experiences.

THULE is guided by Salzer’s themes of Romanticism and Wanderlust and Baer’s notion of liminal spaces. The work sheds light to current environmental concerns by confronting the female body with the expansive environment, using scale and proportion as metaphors of harmony and domination.


Filmed on several locations in Iceland, 2015.


Direction: Ana Baer & Heike Salzer

Dance: Heike Salzer

Camera and Editing: Ana Baer & Heike Salzer

Music: Richard D. Hall​, Luke Bramford & James Ryan, Brendan Pillay 

Environmental Sounds:

Costume Design: Ana Baer & Heike Salzer

Locations and Logistics: Ingi Jensson

Production: WECreate Productions


WE Create ICE

A Liminal Space

United States


WeCreate ICE


“You have created a masterwork. loved the stillness, and the film and the mixing of the three panels, so exquisitely put together…and the landscape. For me a fertile environmental project. And the music. I love when the fertile and the beautiful brings me to tears”                                                                                   

Len Barron/ Artist USA

Documentation of the Performance at ATLAS - click image for video

Sept 10, 2016

Premiering as an excerpt as part of the Engagement: Symposium of Philosophy and Dance 

Texas State University, Patti Strickel Harrison Theatre, San Marcos, TX, United States.

Performed by Heike Salzer

Choreographed and directed by Ana Baer and Heike Salzer

Video filmed, edited and directed by Ana Baer and Heike Salzer

Location and logistics by Ingi Jensson

Production by WeCreateProductions

Light design by Scott Vandenberg (at Harrison Theatre)

Gary McCrumb (at ATLAS).

WE Create ICE

Iceland Summer 2015

Travelling though Iceland to film We Create ICE

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