rými at the DANCE:FILM festival in Edinburg.

We’re delighted to inform you that rými/plads (space), one of our dance videos from our project Bekkur/Bænk 1,2,3,… was selected to take part in the DANCE:FILM 13 festival in Edinburg, Scotland.

An online series of short programmes of films from around the world. These tasty morsels will range from short dance documentaries to bite sized programmes of short dance films.

Our video has been teamed up with the Irish dance film/documentary: The Area (click name for sample)
- Macushla Dance Club for the over 50s is a motley group from Dublin’s rough and tough north inner city, who share a love of dancing.-

Online Streaming is from Monday 4th – Sunday 10th November 2013. £2.49 per programme.

Paper presentation at Artez, Arnhem in December

Together with choreographer/researcher Kristine Sommerlade, Heike is invited to present a paper/workshop with the title, The influence of the ‘collective mythology’ of dance on the future of dance artists and practices’ at the Inventing Futures: Artistic Research with/in Educational Institutions conference, at Artez in Arnhem, Holland, in December.

The conference brings together artists and researchers to extend the discussion on artistic research to the inter/national field and is an initiative of the ArtEZ Master of Choreography and Bertha Bermudez / ICKamsterdam, with the support of the ArtEZ Professorship Theory in Art.

Strönd/Beach shown at Numeridanse.tv

Our dance video Strönd/Beach is among the chosen films to be shown at www.Numeridanse.tv

International Video Dance Festival of Burgundis (2011-2013)

The International Video Dance Festival of Burgundis an annual screen dance (dance film) platform in Burgundy, France that explores the intersection of image making, movement, and choreography.

In collaboration with Marisa C. Hayes et Franck Boulèguede, co-directors of the festival, we propose you a selection of short films from around the world and shown in the last three festivals.


Strönd/Beach at the International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy

We are delighted to inform you that our video Strönd (Beach) from our project Bekkur/Bænk 1,2,3… was chosen to be screened at the International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy that takes place on the 5th of April.

Out of the 300+ videos that were submitted to the festival 15 were chosen to be shown and we’re honoured to be one of them –  it will most definitely be a night to remember.

Despite having been invited to the conference to present a paper about our BB123 project, we really regret not to be able to attend due to lack of funding.

We are very happy to see our still-image from Strönd with one of our two dancers (Søren Linding Urup) used on the Conference’s Programme page.

Please check out the Festival’s site  - or clicking the name above and follow their FB page.

…and of course, if you are in the area and you like dance – you should go!

Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema

We are very pleased to announce that three of our videos from our Bekkur/Bænk 123 project have been chosen to take part in the Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema that takes place in Boulder, Colorado on August 31 & September 1, 2012.

The Program features few of the who’s who in the Dance on Film world of today and we are humbled to have the chance to have our work shown alongside them.

We are also grateful for the kind words the Festival Organisers wrote about our work in their Press Release:

The three 90-second companion short shorts produced and directed by Ingi Jensson & Heike Salzer of England provide a visual treat. In “höfn/harbor” a bright red clad dancer partners with a bright yellow structure at Reykjavik’s harbor. Trees and logs at a site north of Copenhagen form the backdrop for “skógur/forest.” In “strönd/beach” tall grasses form the common mise-en-scène for dancers on separate beaches, one in Iceland and one in Denmark.

 Please follow this link to see the full festival program.

Fleet Moves-Dance Festival in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, USA


We are delighted that Fleet Moves has curated  Beach, Forest and Harbor as part of their Fleet Moves Film Screening.

All films featured are connecting with nature.

The festival takes place in the harbor town Wellfleet in Massachusetts and includes classes, performances and exhibtions.

Zena Bibler and Katie Baer Schetlick, organize this great event.

What a shame we can’t be there!

Somatics and Technology conference

The four short videos of Bekkur/Baenk 1,2,3…

have been included at the first

Somatics and Technology conference in Chichester, UK.

Furthermore we had the opportunity to present a paper about the working process.


The geographical imagination

The paper ‘The experience of space in the creative process: Bekkur/Baenk 1,2,3…a multi-locational Nordic site specific dance film installation’ will be presented by Heike at the Annual International Conference of the Royal Geographical Society-IBG in London.

The theme of the conference is ‘The geographical imagination’ and it attracts over 1,000 geographers from around the world.

The paper is part of a session that reflects on the relationship between geography and art.

Movement Everywhere – a Moviehouse event.

We are delighted to have been offered to take part in the Moviehouse event ‘Movement Everywhere’ at the 3rd Ward in NewYork on the 13th of March 2011.

Two of our dance videos will be shown at the event and we are hoping for a lively dialogue with the public via web-cam or in person.

Find out more about Moviehouse by watching the video below or surfing to their site.

What is Moviehouse?
Moviehouse is an interactive screening series featuring film and video work by the city’s most intrepid moviemakers and performance artists. We project a curated show on alternative spaces throughout the city. At each screening we invite our audience into a salon-style dialogue among filmmakers, audience members and the wider community.

Movestream interview

Movestream 02 Bending Cinema

Jeannette Ginslov interviews Islandic cartoon artist Ingi Jensson & German choreographer Heike Salzer, 11 June 2010 at the Dansehallerne Copenhagen Denmark, about their dance video installation work that resides on several sites and cities, in a variety of formats and also on an internet platform.

Is this a work that bends cinema? If it is, how?
What traditional modes of presentation is the work challenging? Do all these formats, platforms and sites, break and challenge the viewers perception of dance video? What parameters did you change in order for these works to exist on different viewing platforms? What kind of viewing experience does the viewer have and expect or are these expectations challenged?

Shot and edited
Jeannette Ginslov
Walking Gusto Productions
September 2010