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Latent Spaces Reframed – Malta, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta

Latent Spaces Reframed – Malta

Latent Spaces Reframed – Malta is an immersive installation of site-specific works directed by Ana Baer Carrillo and Heike Salzer under the umbrella of WECreate Productions. Locating the body in urban and natural landscapes this exhibition offers self-reflective encounters with environments, raising questions about one’s sense of self within the world. Featuring the hyper-local and reaching the global, this installation invites the viewer to experience landscapes from Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Malta.

Exploring interdisciplinary arts production with screendance, sound and textile artists, along with costume and scenic designers. These transdisciplinary artworks provoke a longing for deceleration and re-connection with nature, displaying contrasting urban metropolitan atmospheres and exploring the in-betweenness of urban and natural places. The collection brings together new and existing works, premiering HinterTerra developed in Malta in 2022.

Opening Event Saturday 10th December 2022, 7pm

The exhibition Latent Spaces Reframed – Malta will open with a live dance performance in the gallery. Heike Salzer and Florinda Camilleri will activate the exhibition space through a site-specific performance, drawing attention to the architectural and rhythmical features of the rooms and the artworks presented. An extension of the exhibits, the performance will have an approximate duration of 20 minutes, followed by a welcome by the artists, and concluding with an invitation to continue a personal exploration of the installations in their own time.

Artist talk Sunday 11th December 2022, 11am

During this artist talk, Ana Baer Carrillo and Heike Salzer will offer an intimate view of the creative process behind the interdisciplinary production of Latent Spaces Reframed – Malta. Developed with artistic collaborators under the umbrella of WECreate Productions the exhibition is an immersive installation of site-specific works incorporating screendance, photography, textile and sound art featuring a poetic indication of place.

Joined by dance artist Florinda Camilleri and facilitated by curator Paula Guzzanti the team will share their experience of collaborating in the new work HinterTerra, which was developed on journeys through the streets and paths of Malta. By exploring the local as a collective the artists experienced the sites through the perspective of the other. The conversation will give space for questions and discussion, inviting the audience to reflect on their responses to the works they encounter.


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