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Curating Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema's 18th season

ANNOUNCING: Sans Souci Festival's 18th Annual Festival Season OFFICIAL SELECTIONS

SSF @ Museum of Boulder - 18th Annual Festival Premiere: SSF @ CU Boulder - Dancing on the Edge of Cinema: SSF @ Blue Sage - A Fresh Take: SSF @ Jack's Solar Garden - Locals' Night: SSF @ Arvada Center - The World is Our Stage: SSF Virtual Screening I - Making Things Differently: SSF Virtual Screening II - Nurturing Our Roots: SSF Virtual Screening III - Shifting the Perspective: SSF Presents Dance is Like a Fine Wine: Creative Aging Series: SSF @ Texas State University: Dancing Into Infinity: SSF@Dairy Arts Center - I - Dancing on the Planet: SSF@Dairy Arts Center - II - Dancing as Ourselves: SSF@Dairy Arts Center - III - Dancing through the Holidays:


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