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Dances with Camera Competition at Short Waves Festival 2018

Above the light has been selected to the Dances with Camera Competition at Short Waves Festival 2018. The Festival will take place between 20-25th March 2018 in Poznań, Poland.

The curators said: During the submission process, we chose 23 international short films showing innovative, authentic and original perspective on dance and your film is absolutely one of them. It fits perfectly our programme.

DANCES WITH CAMERA is an international competition of short films that share the common language of movement and dance. Dance productions from all over the world will be entered into the competition, presenting the audience with unlimited potential of physical expression, communicated with a cinematic narrative and presented in all forms and genres: feature, documentary, animation, as well as experimental projects and choreographic impressions.

DANCES WITH CAMERA is the last year’s debut in the international competition of the Short Waves Festival. Dancing films, meaning screendance and videodance productions, compete for the prize of the jury and the audience. Dance and choreography are intertwined with the visual arts and film, both in traditional and experimental way. An international jury, consisting of professionals in the field of contemporary dance and film, awards 3 films. The audience of the competition screenings selects the winner of the Dances with Camera Audience Award.

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