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WECreate Wilder-ness

The Wilder-ness project is a transatlantic collaboration between WECreate Heike Salzer (UK) & Ana Baer (US), Dancer Michelle Nance (US), Composer Richard Hall (US) and Textiles Artist Rob Burton (UK). The expansive landscapes of the North Yorkshire Moors (UK) are explored via dance, textiles, sound and film.

Premiere of the live performance including video projection will take place on the 21st September 2017, at the International Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Irey Theatre, University of Colorado Theatre and Dance Department, Boulder, CO, (US).

The images display our first explorations investigating 'dancing with a drone':

  • How does the interplay between the movement of the flying drone and the dancer's movement challenge the way the body is choreographed in relation to the site and the moving camera?

  • What opportunities are provided via the possibility of capturing movement from far/close, above/below, approaching/retreating, circling around/above, moving with/against the bodies directions.

  • What are the choreographic possibilities of the flying camera? Exploring dimensions, scale, textures, the kinaesthetic camera and choreography of the flight paths.

Dance: Heike Salzer

Drone and camera operation: Ian Bailey and TJ Simon, Teesside University

Location: Captain Cook's Monument, North Yorkshire Moors, UK

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