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Tokyo Documentary Film Festival

WECreate Spaces – Limerick, Official selection Tokyo Documentary Film Festival (Japan)

What is the Tokyo Documentary Film Festival?

About the festival The 4th year film festival was held in Corona, continuing from last year, but the number of applications reached a record high of more than 200. In order to support the creators of documentary films in this difficult time, we will screen a record low of less than 60 films at once. The screenings feature colorful people who reflect the diversity of this society, including Corona-stricken artists, healthcare professionals, border islands, foreign immigrants, and sexual minorities. The newly established "Anthropology / Folklore Video Division" has received more than 40 entries, and the award-winning work of the competition will be awarded the "Miyamoto Keitaro Award", which bears the name of the pioneer of folk video. Yu Kaneko, Hiroro Sato (Program Director, "Tokyo Documentary Film Festival")


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