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63° 24’ 10” N 19° 6’ 49” W is travelling to Brazil in October

63° 24’ 10” N 19° 6’ 49” W has been invited as the only British/Icelandic entry for the main screening at

The I Mostra Internacional de Dança: Imagens em Movimento a Céu Aberto - IMA 2014, in Ribeirão Preto city and São Paulo state, 24th-26th October 2014.

I am delighted that it will also be part of the Archive of the Video Library Centro Cultural Palace (Palace Cultural Center)

Directors and Choreography: Heike Salzer & Ingi Jensson

Dancer: Saga Sigurðardóttir

Camera: Sigurður Þorfinnur Einarsson

Editing: Heike Salzer

Sound: Jack Laidlaw-Music & Heike Salzer

Year of completion: 2014

Country of production: Iceland & United Kingdom

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